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New driving test changes for December 2017

Sat Navigation
The independent drive diagrams presently used by the examiners will no longer be used as part of the driving test.
The independent section of the test will increase to 20 minutes and the length of the test will remain the same at approximately 40 minutes. The examiner will have his own pre charged sat nav which will sit on a bean bag at the most convenient position on the dash board for the candidate. (Instructors will not be required to provide anything). This will most likely be in the middle under the rear view mirror. The sat nav screen will be on throughout the whole test. The voice will only be on for about 20 minutes during the independent drive section, so both screen and voice for 20 mins only, then back to instructions as per normal from the examiner. The choice of screen colour will be agreed between examiner and pupil at the beginning of the test. If the pupil goes in the wrong direction during the independent drive, whilst the sat nav re-routes itself, the examiner will step in with directions just as they do at present.
Every 5th test will have the screen on for the whole test but the route will be given by the instructor, as oppose to the voice of the sat nav. The screen will be on merely as a form of distraction to the pupil. The sat nav will not show mph and upcoming speed signs.
As currently happens the examiner will stop the pupil in a safe place and inform them that the independent section of the drive is about to start. The examiner will inform the pupil that the independent section has ended on the move as they do at the moment.
There will still be only 1 manoeuvre.
Pupils will NO longer be asked to perform either a turn in the road or left reverse.
Pupil will still be asked to parallel park and reverse back into a bay.
New Manoeuvres
1. Forward bay park
Pupils will be taken to a public car park. Once in the car park the examiner will stop the pupil and the ask them to drive forward into ANY bay of their choice. Once in the bay the examiner will ask them to reverse back out of the bay steering to either the left or the right. The examiner will then guide the pupil out of the car park if necessary. This will be performed in 1 in every 4 tests.
2. Parking on right and reversing
The pupil will be asked to stop in a safe place on the left hand side of the road. The examiner will them ask them to drive on and park on the right hand side of the road. Once parked, the pupil will be asked to reverse back approximately 2 car lengths. They will then be asked to drive on again joining the normal flow of traffic. If for any reason their view becomes seriously impaired i.e. by a van, the examiner will assist. This will be performed in 1 in every 4 tests.
Show Me Tell Me Questions for 2017
The range of questions is to be extended and asked at different points during the test.
Tell Me Questions will be asked at the test centre.
Show Me Questions will be asked on the move.
As at the moment a pupil will only receive a driving fault if they wrongly answer the questions.

Driving Test
Sat Nav Screen
Turn in the road and left reverse to be scrapped
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