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Toyota Auris Switch locations

Toyota Auris 1.4 diesel
Steering wheel
The images on this page will help you to locate the ancillary controls that you need to be aware of in case weather conditions change during test. In addition to this, we have an image under the bonnet showing brake fluid container, oil dipstick, engine coolant and screen wash bottle positions.

Ancillary Controls for Toyota Auris 1.4 diesel

The hazard light switch : can be found to the right of the radio on the dashboard.
The indicator switch ( left side of steering column ) : also controls the side / headlights. Revolve the switch away from you once ( anti clockwise ) this activates the side and tail lights. Revolve forward again and dipped headlights come on. To activate full beam, push the switch away from you. (Blue warning light) To operate headlight flash - pull switch towards steering wheel.
Fog light switch Same lever as activates the headlight, but use the inner ring. First click forward is front fog lights and second click forward is rear fog lights.
Wiper switch (right side of steering column ) : To operate screen wash, pull the lever towards the steering wheel. Lift upwards once and release - this is the flick wipe handy for light rainfall. Pull down one click - intermittent / pull down two clicks - steady wipe / pull down three clicks - high speed wipe . Rear wiper can be operated from the same switch / revolve forward (clockwise ) to operate back wiper (2 speeds)

The heater / demister on the centre of the dash board controls the speed of the fan and the rear screen demister. The top left dial A/C sets the air conditioning switch. The front and rear screen demister is operated by the two switches bottom right (orange lights will show when on) The left flip switch in the centre will direct the flow of air to : foot well / screen demist / face level vents. The right flip switch adjusts the temperature. The centre flip switch (arrowed) controls the fan speed.
The bonnet release catch can be found above the accelerator pedal near the drivers door
Under the bonnet : The image shows the brake fluid container at the top centre position (colour coded yellow), engine coolant is the large white reservoir on the left with yellow cap, screen wash bottle has blue top and the oil dipstick is coded in yellow bottom right.
Engine bay